Top 5 best workouts to lose weight

Choosing the best workouts to lose weight could mean the difference between failure and success. There are many workouts to choose from, and it could be a good idea to rotate between different workouts. Not only does this help you to focus on different muscle groups, but it also helps to keep you motivated. It is easy to lose motivation when you are trying to diet, so it is important to select the best workouts.

I have been working as a yoga teacher and personal trainer for the last fifteen years, and helping my clients to decide which kind of exercise routines fit in with their lifestyles, is a journey for me as well. All routines should be as varied as possible to achieve the best results, and to increase stamina. Also, remember that the best workouts to lose weight are the ones you enjoy.

Walking for weight loss

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Walking is an excellent way to embark on a weight loss program. The great thing about walking is that you can easily incorporate it into your daily routine. For instance if you have an hour’s lunch break, you can put your sneakers on and go for a walk. Another advantage is that walking the right way can help to speed up metabolism.

If you are new to walking is a good idea to start of slowly. Walk for twenty minutes every day for the first three days at the start of your weight loss program. Increase to 30 minutes after the first three days, but do make sure that you are not out of breath. You should be able to hold a conversation whilst walking.

After the first week you should start to alternate your pace. Walk slowly for the first five minutes, speed up for the next five minutes, slow down again for a further minutes and then alternate between a fast and slow pace. You will feel your circulation improving, and 30 minutes walking at alternate speeds, could help you burn up to 150 calories.

Swimming for weight loss

Not everybody likes to walk, or are able to walk, but swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise which can burn up to 15 calories per minute. Swimming is also an excellent overall toning exercise, and will help you to tone up as well. A lot of people like to focus on how far they swim, but I always advise my clients, to focus on how long they swim for. You may not have the time to go swimming everyday, but three half an hour sessions every week will burn 1350 calories.

Weight training for weight loss

Some people do not think that weight training should be included in the best workouts to lose weight top five list, but it certainly should. Weight training increases muscle mass, and the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn. It could be a good idea to focus on just weight training four times a week.

A 30 minute workout can burn off 200 calories when you first start, but as your muscle mass increases, you could be using more calories than that. Try not to focus on both upper and lower body exercises during the same session. Instead, you should focus on upper body one day and lower body during the next training session.


Rowing for weight loss

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If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your weight loss routine, you may want to consider rowing. Rowing is a great exercise when you are trying to lose weight. It can burn up to a staggering 20 calories per minute, so ten minutes on rowing machine will really help. If you are able to do ten minutes three times per day, you would have burnt off 600 calories. Rowing will also help to tone legs, arms, stomach, thighs and legs. It is probably one the best exercises we can do, especially as there no high impact involved which can damage joints.

Cycling for weight loss

Jumping on your bike should be on the best workouts to lose weight short list as well. Cycling considerably increases your intake of oxygen, and the more oxygen you have in your body, the better it will function. Cycling at 13 mph will burn about 12 calories per minute, so in twenty minutes you will have burned off 240 calories. Most people cycle for longer as this is a very sustainable way to exercise. As you are taking on board lots of oxygen, you energy levels will increase and you can keep going for longer.

The best workouts to lose weight are not all about calories, it is also important to remember that greater muscle mass means that you are carrying less fat, so you will feel and look more toned. Running is almost always quoted as part of the best workouts to lose weight, but I find more people give up on running than they do on other exercise routines. Staying motivated helps, and the best way to do that, is to have a routine which is variable and fits in with your life style.


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