Plan My Baby Program Review

Science is like a blessing to us. What can’t be done with the help of science? Even you can decide about conceiving a certain baby gender. You do not need to depend on fate now. “Plan my baby program review” provides a proven, easy and fruitful method to determination the gender of your dream baby before the birth.

plan my baby program review

My wife always wanted to have a son. We had 4 children but neither of them was a boy! My wife was a little bit unhappy. But we thought that it was not in our fate. ‘Not in our Fate!!!’ It was very hard to accept. Then suddenly, I heard about the program. The news came to me as a sign of sunlight in the black clouds. I could not believe that such a method can exist! One of the best conveniences of this program is that it is natural and 100% safe to the mother, father and the awaited future baby while many scam programs suggest to take drugs and that damage the health.

This effective guide book Plan My Baby Program Review discloses the main tricks into 3 simple basic step guides. The first part describes about the ovulation. From the scientific view, the timing of ovulation is very important. If anyone’s pH is alkaline (7-14) she is more likely to conceive a boy. On the other hand, acidic (0-7) pH refers to conceive a girl. So, before cohabitation, it is so exigent to understand the condition of body to know whether its pH is acidic or alkaline This guide gives a crystal clear idea about the timing of cohabitation describing physical aspects, basal body temperature etc.

The second part of Plan My Baby Program Review describes about the proper diet to adjust the pH level. Knowing the health condition is not enough for conceiving a certain baby gender, you need to adjust the pH level by taking proper foods. There is a chart on this book on 37th page that describes which foods should be taken to take pH in upper or lower position. Adjusting diet will create the perfect environment for sperm X or sperm Y which is very much needed to enhance the liability of conceiving a certain baby gender. Up to page no. 45 on this book, we had known about these things in brief.

From 46th to 53rd page of Plan My Baby Program Review, the sex positions for producing particular chromosome X or Y is described. As X is for girl and Y is for boy, it is very much important to use different positions to place the particular sperm in the best position that ascertain the gender of a child. We used the sex position described in 50th page for boy which was easy to understand. And after 10 months 10 days, when I heard the first weepy sound of my boy Ethan, my heart leaped up with happiness. It is such as outstanding method with 94% success rate. This guide is very unique with its desirous attention to details. The price is very low ($47) with 2 exceptionally useful bonuses that are very helpful during the pregnancy time. Though it doesn’t work with everybody, it is highly recommended.

It’s Time, Alicia… My Time To Finally Get With The Program.
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