Mechanical Digestion The Major Function of Food in Your Body

Food is the fuel for our body. It is divided into small particles. Then it becomes suitable for the body. This process is called mechanical digestion. Basically this is the main part for our body to do every day. The growth of our body depends mostly on mechanical digestion. As it gives proper nutrition to the cells, it gets energy. The process takes a few hours to be completed. Do you know what is going on your digestive system? You need not to know for digesting the food. The reason is that the process is commanded by brain. Your subconscious mind takes care about everything in your body. So, digestion mechanism is like an automated process of our body factory.

The digestion system is of two kinds. One is chemical digestion and another is called mechanical digestion. The second one can be compared with the function of an industry or garments. Every mechanism does own parts for this process. But in the end, all of them get the same profit. This is the story of a working group. Let’s have a look on the digestion mechanism system in our body.


mechanical digestion

Where do you start to eat food? Of course it starts from mouth. The tongue is the source that makes you hungry. When you see foods, the actual mechanical digestion of your body starts to work. Saliva makes the food completely eatable for your body. Teeth chop the food and break them into small parts. Then the broken parts are sent right to your digestion mechanism line. The chemical reaction also performs along with this process. Saliva is like a natural antiseptic for your mouth. It refreshes those foods and kills harmful particles. Your body mechanism gets adapted with the broken particles. The stomach does the next task. The outer portion of the stomach expands and contracts regularly for mechanical digestion. It makes those foods smaller than before. Hydrochloride acid digests the food and enzymes perform the rest as chemical digestion. Who is the supportive reactor of the stomach? Right you are. Small intestine makes the food proper to be taken by the cells. And large intestine concludes the process by releasing the waste as a conclusive digestion mechanism.

Whatever it takes to make you industrious, all are dependable on this process. So, to enhance the energy some tricks you may apply. Start with chewing. Chew the food for long to make your stomach comfortable. As much you release the tension from your body, the more you can work. Mechanical digestion has been the major function for our body from ancient age. Junk food is an obstacle for the flawless digestion mechanism system. They are hard to break and as well as difficult to absorb for your body. You must supply much water that will help to let your enzymes work more.

Better performance of our body comes from better body system. To avoid acidity in our stomach, mechanical digestion should be performed properly. Then the healthiness of our body can be ensured. So, the suggestion is to be healthy, remake your body mechanism properly.

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