Lower Ab Workouts for Women – How to get a Toned Body

Lower ab workouts for women definitely qualify to be enhancers of beauty and this is why; the lower abs region extends from the entire midsection of the body and connects at the pelvis. This region is known for having lots of fat deposits – what we call pot belly. It is generally agreeable that having a belly pooch reduces the appeal in the shape of a woman’s body and this is why some women go to the extend of starving themselves or denying themselves an opportunity to get babies just so that they can keep this region in good shape. But all that is not necessary with lower ab workouts for women. They help maintain the teenage shape of a woman regardless of how old she is or how many children she has had.

The Benefits

  • It reduces risks of getting certain diseases: research indicates that women with belly fat have half the life expectation of those without. This is attributed to many diseases that are associated with it. They include risks of liver complications caused by the excess fatty acids that usually drain in the liver, high blood pressure and diabetes which comes as a result of inefficiency of insulin (due to liver damage).
  • Men rate women with tight abdominal muscles highly: it is a proven fact that a man considers a woman with a tight belly to be more beautiful than one with belly fat.
  • You will feel beautiful: think of a body that allows you to wear bikini outfit without worrying about whether people will think that you are four of five months pregnant. It will definitely make you feel great about yourself.
lower ab workouts for women

Lower Ab Workouts for Women Photo by David Fulmer


How to Do It

Start Easy

For beginners, do not be in a rush to engage in extreme workouts. Starting easy means start with what the body can manage without causing psychological or physical pain. This will act as a motivator for you to move to harder stages rather than quitting due to strain.

Develop a Plan

Good lower ab workouts for women do not necessarily need a gym environment with all the gym equipment. Some of the best exercises and routines can be done even at home. The following are recommended exercises.

  1. Reverse lift crunches: while lying down (facing up) and with hands on the side, lift your legs until they are perpendicular to the ground. Use your hip muscles to lift the abdominal region upwards so that the feet go higher up and then down.
  2. Hanging leg raises: get a pull up bar and hang on it so that your feet just touch the ground. Use abdominal muscles to raise your legs slowly until they touch the hanging bar; pause for about 5 seconds than lower them to the ground slowly.
  3. V holds: start by lying flat on the floor. Raise your torso and legs simultaneously until both sections are 45 degrees from the ground. Hold the position for about 2 minutes.
  4. Other routines that can be gotten from the internet or instructor include TRX knee tucks, TRX frog kicks, leg weight lifts and ball decline planks.

A good plan could involve 8 to 10 runs for each routine with 30 seconds breaks within each run. The number of routines can be varied on a daily basis.

Seek Professional Help

Advice from instructors and doctors will be very important to avoid injuries and over straining muscles in a bi to kill belly fat.

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