Leg Exercises for Women who want Beautiful Legs

An article for full out leg exercises for women who truly want beautifully sculpted legs. First, we will start off with our thighs, then, work our way down to our calves to get those full leg exercises for women.


Start off by sitting on the right side of your hip with your right hand firmly planted to the ground. Your legs should be bent at a forty-five degree angle from your body.

Take your left leg, straighten it out, with pointed toes, and lift it up. At the same time, lift your left arm and make it parallel to your left leg. You are going to be straightening and bending your left leg while simultaneously lifting your left arm up, when your left leg is bent, and back down, when your left leg is straightened. Make sure to keep both your left leg and arm parallel to the ground. Your left leg should not touch the ground at all- it should remain in the air along with your left arm.

Continue these movements for four sets of eight, while keeping hips paralleled, and stomach pulled tight. These movements are slow and with purpose. After you have finished the four sets of eight with your left leg, turn around and sit on your left hip and continue the same routine with your right leg and arm. Note: Not only is this a form of leg exercises for women, but it also helps with your waist.

leg exercises for women

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Move #1

Lie on the left side of your body while keeping your shoulders and neck relaxed. Your bottom leg is fully straightened with pointed toes and the top leg is going to be bent and placed in front of your bottom leg, with, your foot flat on the floor or semi- pointed (meaning that only the ball of your foot is flat on the ground).

Raise you bottom leg about two to three inches above the ground and then lower it, but don’t let your leg touch the ground. Do four sets of eight of this and then turn around to lie on your right side and do another four sets of eight. These movements are slow and controlled.

Move #2

This is the same position as move number one except when you are raising the bottom leg it is going to come up four to five inches off the ground, and, as you raise the leg you will bend it. The bottom leg never should touch the ground and the angle at which you bend the leg should be bigger than ninety degrees. As you raise your leg you bend it, and when you lower it you straighten it out, with pointed toes. Do this for four sets of eight and then turn on your other side and do the other leg.

Move #3

Lie on your back and lift your legs straight into the air, with pointed toes. Your inner thighs and heels should be touching. Tighten your stomach and place your arms in front of you in a loose circle form. Then, commence to open your legs so that they form a “V” shape and they become wider than your shoulder width. Bring your legs back together and lightly tap your heels together, then, you open your legs back up into the “V” position. These movements are controlled and steady. Continue these movements until you have completed four sets of eight.

Move #4

Lie on your back with your legs up in the air. The soles of your feet are facing each other, your heels are touching, and your toes are pointed. Keep your arms in a loose circle form in front of you . Now commence to bend your knees and flatten out your feet as you bend them. Then, push legs back up with your heels still touching each other. Do four sets of eight. These four leg exercises for women are bound to get the results you want.


Move #1

Stand straight and move one leg slightly behind you. Arms are placed in front of you in a loose circle form. Put all your weight on the leg that you didn’t move back, the base leg, and slowly start to raise this leg (starting from the heel and working your way to the ball of your foot). Then, slowly bring it back down (starting from the ball of your foot and working your way to the heel). These movements are slow and controlled. Do four sets of eight then switch legs and continue the process with the other leg.

Move #2

Stand up straight and go into a squat position. Quickly jump up and down. When jumping up, straighten your legs, and when coming back down, bend your legs. Do four sets of eight. These leg exercises  are guaranteed.


Some of these leg exercises  you can do while brushing your teeth, or eating breakfast, if you are in a time crunch. Hopefully, you continue these leg exercises for women to have beautifully sculpted legs.

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