Finest Workout Plans for Women

Having a best workout plans for women is a crucial factor in ensuring that you maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. All women always aim at having a perfect admirable body. You will always be happy when you are slimmer and sexier. It is important that you select a simple work out plan that will work concurrently with your schedule in order to obtain good results. If you need something good you have to invest your time on it. Thus, if you want to lose weight and keep fit dedicate part of your time to properly prepared work out plan.


workout plans for women

workout plans for women

There are various workout plans for women depending on the shape of your body. A combination of both light and heavy body-weight workouts helps you, in the body shaping process. Practicing flexible workouts helps you to define sleek muscles in your body. Exercises will help you not only appear sexier and beautiful but also improve you overall performance at home and work. To have an effective workout plans for women it is important that you have a goal to ensure that you are working towards achieving the goal.

Below is a work out plan for a woman who wants to maintain a perfect body shape.

Step 1: Warm up

Before starting to carry out exercises it is always advisable to warm up so as to prepare your central nervous system for exercise. This also increases your blood flow to the muscles. For instance, for leg workouts you can roll the quads. For the upper part of the body you can roll your shoulder, triceps and biceps.

Step 2: Work on the shape of your muscles

After warming up, carry out lighter exercises to shape your muscles. This is an important factor because the muscles are prepared for exercise. For instance, you can perform 7 to 14 reps.

Step 3: Cardio sessions

There are various cardio activities in workout plans for women that you can involve yourself in. cardio exercises ensure that your muscles are build. This in turn helps you to have a perfect body shape. When you spend more time in cardio you are able to maintain the feminine figure. They also help you to improve your overall body fitness and relieve muscles stiffness making you more flexible.

Cardio exercises include heavy lifting, dancing, cycling, joking and running. This means that you carry heavy exercises at a short period of time helping you to lose calories at a fast speed. You can use machines in the gym such as treadmill, elliptical and stepper.

During the cardio sessions warm up for at least five minutes at a steady pace. Then go as fast as you can for a period of 40 seconds, and then reduce the pace to a comfortable speed of about 80 seconds. Repeat this procedure at least five times. Ensure that you do not rest during the cardio exercises. Afterwards you can rest for one minute then repeat the exercise as many times as you can.

Step 4: Weight sessions

You may be thinking that weight lifting is made for men. However, that is not the case. Weight lifting is made to keep your joints and muscles strong. Additionally, it is very effective in burning calories making you look sexier and yes, it is made for workout plans for women too.

The only difference between men and women weight lifting, is that women work on the upper part of their body while men focus on the overall well being of the body. During the weight lifting women should also shorten their rest period and use a combination of repetitions for instance mixing lower rep sets with 7 to 14 heavier sets.

Sample of work out for weight lifting:

Perform leg curl on a gym ball or dumbbell for two sets of 14 reps in one session, four sets of nine in the second session then in the last session four sets of four.

Step 5: Take a Rest

After the strenuous exercises your body needs time to recover. On your rest days, ensure that you get enough rest to rejuvenate the muscles for more exercises.

The exercises are progressively moving from lighter weights to heavier ones. To achieve the maximum benefit for this workout plans for women make sure that you do not give up in the middle of the exercise. Finish all the four steps to enable you to gain the best shape of your body. You can do this repeatedly every day and rest on your most convenient day.

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