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Reading is one of the most important fundamentals on which the whole learning process is based on. To learn properly, everybody should have the skill to read accurately. But it is a matter of a great concern that about 34% people in U.S.A can’t read English properly. Being a conscious father, I was little bit worried about my 2 years and 6 months daughters’ reading efficiency. Though I had bought a program worth $200, it did not work for my little princess. She was just familiar only to some common words. But, then the program “Children Learning Reading program by Jim Yang” was introduced to me.

It is basically a step-by-step learning guide that’s not only simple and logical but also fruitful. The most important thing on this program was that it was quite different to other teaching method. Comparing to other methods, it did not teach only the sight and shapes of the words, it counted on children recognizing words by proper formation with correct pronunciation.  The program forms on 50 lessons in 2 variant stages. It believes that learning to hear is the first step to learning to read. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? It is totally based on phonetics.


In the first part, the program teaches to read with the building blocks rather than using the text from books in 28 lessons. It is very hard to read from books for the beginners. That’s why it is a brilliant idea from my point of view. The root pillars of reading- alphabets and letters are introduced with proper pronunciation in a comprehensible method. The first 28 lessons are known as the foundation building stratum. According to the book, I taught my baby every alphabet with its particular sounds. As long as she grasped all the basic codes and some easy words, basic learning was completed.

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children learning reading

After finishing stage 1, my daughter was reading like.. “J-a-c-k Jack a-n-d and J-i-l-l Jill w-e-n-t went u-p up t-h-e the h-i-l-l hill” My tears came out when I heard her sweet pronunciation. And then in the 2nd stages, she was taught the exceptions, perplexity and blending of words in perfect shape. Focusing on the letter combinations with phonemic awareness, the remaining advanced 22 lessons are decorated. After completing the program, my baby was reading like she was 8 years old girl. Whenever she watches any words on TV, she tries to read it correctly.

Being a father, it was a great pleasure to watch. Beside the main books, this program contains bonuses like two lesson books, letter sounds mp3 to show the correct pronunciation, common sight words, children favorite rhymes etc to help the proceeding of learning to read. But it is very low of costs..only $49.95. I was quite surprised to see that this kind of proven, powerful and simple program costs so little. I am truly amazed with this program. Learning to read is spontaneous, simple. It is also good for the parents to become the first teacher of their baby by spending 10-15 minutes per day averagely.

BOTTOM Line: Children Learning Reading is 100% reliable with a fruitful method of teaching that is based on scientific research. Recommended to all.


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 children learning reading

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