Chia seeds vs flax seeds – Comparison between Super Foods

Chia seeds and flax seeds are two very important super foods for the health community all over the world. Though they have different outer looks, insidious value has gathered them under the same tent. Chia seeds vs flax seeds are now a burning topic. The reason of this comparison is the nutrition and healthiness. They are being used frequently in our day to day life. But sometimes we take them or use them without knowing the effectiveness. Here are some interesting data for you about chia seeds vs flax seeds. So, have a look on this comparison.

chia seeds vs flax seeds

First of all the cholesterol value comes in mind. Chia foods have zero cholesterol in measure. In the other hand, flax seeds contain only a little cholesterol. This characteristic of chia seeds vs flax seeds helps you to gain a properly working heart and blood circulation. Cholesterol is responsible for cardiac arrest and brain stroke. Then, chia seeds vs. flax seeds will prevent this body sickness.

In another view, flax seeds contain 7.6 grams of dietary fiber. On the other hand, chia seeds are enriched with 10.6 grams of fiber. The benefit of having much fiber is the digestion system of the body. Chia seeds vs flax seeds ensure you about a nice after eating feeling. The major reason of having these two super foods is calorie. You should be concerned about the calorie measurement. Chia contains 138 calories and flax contains 151 calories. At this point, flax seeds are really far better than chia seeds. The comparison about chia seeds vs. flax seeds come to a same platform regarding the protein quality. Both chia and flax seeds have highly measured protein.

chia seeds vs flex seeds

To compare with the enrichment of fat in chia and flax seeds, flax seeds get a high score. The reason is that chia seeds have 8.6 grams of fat. But flax seeds have 11.8 grams of omega fat. We all know about the effectiveness of omega-3. It is helpful for stamina and an obstacle for aging. Chia seeds vs flax seeds have a proper similarity with history. Chia is an ancient food. It has been eaten with knowing the advantages since Aztec and Mayan domination. But the advantages of taking flax seeds are a result of recent researches. What food do you like for having stamina? Of course the answer is which have much antioxidant.

For your information, regarding chia seeds vs. flax seeds flax seeds are highly resourced with antioxidant. Chia seeds have also quite high antioxidant but not as much as flax seeds.

The ways of eating two seeds are also different from each other. Chia seeds have nice solvency in water. So, you can take them in smoothies or in curries. But flax seeds are needed to be grounded before eating. The topic of chia seeds vs flax seeds comes to a conclusive point when you will know about their usefulness. Both of them make your body fitter than before. Knowing these staffs, you should take chia seeds vs. flax seeds as regular as possible.

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