5 Weight Lifting Workouts for a Better Body

When it comes to achieving the beautiful body that you desire, weight lifting workouts are the way to go. Regular cardio exercises may decrease fat levels, but it’s simply not enough to sculpt your body. Implementing weight lifting workouts into your exercise routine will help you get the fit, lean shape you’ve always wanted. It will take work and it will take dedication, but it’s all within reach.
Box Squats with Weights For a tone and fit behind and sculpted legs, box squats are the way to go!

Place a knee-level chair or bench behind you. Keeping your feet shoulder-width apart, place one dumbbell in both hands. Bend at the elbows, keeping them close to your body. While flexing your core muscles, sit back onto the chair, keeping your knees aligned above your toes. Hold the position, and use your heels to return to your starting position. Complete ten repetitions and two sets three times per week for best results.
Dumbbell Row, Single Leg with Weight lifting workouts such as the dumbbell row, single leg workout will help you achieve a sexy, lean back, sculpted shoulders, a tight tummy, and gorgeous glutes with this weight lifting workout.
Place one dumbbell in your left hand. Lean forward so that your back remains straight and is parallel with the floor. Place your right hand on top of a chair for support. With your palm facing in, reach your left arm toward the floor. Lift your left leg straight behind you, so that your body is in a “T” shape.

weight lifting workouts

Weight Lifting Workouts Photo by Richard foster

Dumbbell Dead Lift
This workout is a twist on the heavy weight dead lift and works your arms, shoulders, and core muscles.
Hold two dumbbells in front of you, with your palms facing inward and your feet shoulder-width apart. Flex your core muscles. While keeping your back straight, push your rear behind you, bending slowly at the hips with knees bent. Lower the weight towards your knees. You should feel your hamstrings begin to stretch. Once you feel the stretch, slowly return to starting position while squeezing your glutes.
Weight lifting workouts such as this one are also great for building stamina during your workout.
Reach AroundGet a sexy back and sculpted shoulders with this easy workout.
Weight lifting workouts like this are ideal for sculpting lean legs and strong, toned arms.
Stand with your legs shoulder-length apart. Keeping your knees bent, hold one dumbbell with both hands in front of your body, close to your chest. Slowly bend into a squat position. Turn your torso to one side and straighten both arms out to your sides, with the hand holding the dumbbell to the sky and the empty hand to the floor. Maintaining the position of your arms and core, raise up to squat and lower back to the floor with your empty hand.
Single Side Vertical ClimbGet rid of those love handles and be on your way to a tone abdomen with this simple dumbbell workout. Many weight lifting workouts like this one are perfect for working out more than one part of the body at a time.
Hold dumbbells in both hands. Stand on your left leg, with your toe pointed to the side, barely touching the floor. Bend your left arm up, just outside the shoulder. Put your left arm up, palm facing outward. Press the right arm over your head and bend the Hold dumbbells in both hands. Stand on left leg with toe pointed out to the side, lightly touching floor. Bend right arm, bringing dumbbell to ouside the shoulder. Extend left arm up, palm forward. Press right arm overhead and bend left elbow as left knee lifts up towards the chest. Feel obliques working to lift kene high as possible. Fifteen reps, two sets.

Our bodies are incredibly powerful, and weight lifting workouts can help you reach your true potential. Be beautiful, bold, and strong and work hard to earn that figure you’ve been dreaming of.

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